About Me

Artist Janet Antepara About Me banner photoMy name is Janet Antepara and I’m an artist and art lover from Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from Otis College of Art & Design with a degree in Communication Arts. The design and illustration background I gained at Otis helped pave the way to a fun career in Toy Packaging, Corporate Design and Book Illustration. In recent years I made the realization that my love for abstract art was something I wanted to focus on so I started to paint and before I knew it, I was a happy little abstract painter! My paintings have been exhibited in galleries, cafes and private art collections in the States and abroad. Now with the help of high-end printing labs, my paintings, designs and photography are for sale worldwide as stunning art prints, home decor, textiles and accessories. I’m constantly adding new art to my collection so be sure to follow me on any of the social media links below and subscribe to my website so you can see my latest work.