“Silent Era” Outlet Cover Designs

NEW “Silent Era” Light Switch and Outlet Covers

Silent Era” Light Switch and Outlet Covers are now available in: Black, Gray, Sand, Cream, Brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Avocado, Green, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Sapphire Blue and Violet

Silent Era available in new colors

◦◦ Designs are printed on self-adhesive vinyl sheets for durable sleek and smooth covers with NO MESSY STREAKS due to added varnishes.
◦◦ Perfect for high-traffic areas in your home, office, garage or patio
◦◦ For interior and exterior usage
◦◦ Clean with a damp cloth
◦◦ I use unbreakable nylon wall plates for maximum resistance to impact and prolonged usage
◦◦ Screws included with covers

Silent Era, Sand