Zazzle Product Review: Mugs

Antepara MugsZazzle’s 11 oz. Ringer Mugs

Zazzle offers a great variety of mugs. They have 7 different styles including Travel Mugs, Stiens, Frosted Glass Mugs and now Espresso Mugs. Today I will be reviewing the 11 oz. Ringer Mugs.

Ringer Mug HandlesRinger Mug Handles. (Click for a larger view)

As Mother’s Day approached I started to scramble in my yearly quest to find gifts for my mom and my 3 sisters, whom by the way are awesome moms! I figured, why not get them something from my Zazzle shop!

To start off, Zazzle let’s you customize your mugs any which way you’d like so after I decided I liked the Ringer Mugs best, I was off to pick the different colored handles and matching lips for them all. As you can see in the above photo, the colors are pretty close to what you see on Zazzle’s website.

I was a little nervous about buying breakables online but Zazzle packages each individual product with thick bubble wrap so everything was safe. The bubble wrap is so strong that I literally walked on top of a flat sheet of bubble wrap and not one of the bubbles popped. I found this out by playing with my cats. They seemed to enjoy the box and bubble wrap so much that I had to get in on the fun too 🙂

Silent Era and The Shield of Thetis Mugs


The colors printed out perfectly on the mugs you see above. I think because they were vector images, the crispness and vibrant colors transfered very well on the mugs. The colored handles and lips really bring the design together.

Shield of Thetis 11oz. Ringer Mug
Shield of Thetis 11oz. Ringer Mug

Tree Swing and Ljubjana Weeping Mugs by Janet Antepara


The mug on the right, Ljubljana Weeping, came out just the way it looks as a print. The detail was right on and the colors, once again, perfect. The detailed illustration on my Tree Swing mug (on the left) seemed to be the only one that had a slight issue.

Tree Swing Ringer Mug

The black lines within the drawing seemed a little darker and thicker than the original design. This seems to be because the original illustration is much bigger in size so it’s only makes sense that once shrunken down, a little bit of the detail get lost. I was a little bummed out when I noticed a small smudge towards the bottom of the mug. I’m sure that I could’ve exchanged this mug for another one but because I was cutting it close to Mother’s Day, I took my chances with it. I’m VERY happy to report it did go unnoticed and my sister was very happy to have her favorite illustration on a mug. Except for the slight smudge on one of the mugs, everything else was great. Overall I highly recommend these mugs.

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Art House Co-op: The 4 x 6 Exchange

The Art House Co-op has all these cool global projects that you can join so I decided to enter the 4 x 6 Exchange 2. This was your good old fashioned art swap.I sent them a
4 x 6 print of one of my paintings and in exchange I received one from another artist.

I received a great linoleum cut made by Ruth Wels called Sushi.  

Sushi by Ruth Wels 


As soon as I opened up the envelope this came in, I ran to my kitchen and held it up against a big woodcut print I have. 

Tribal Woodcut and Sushi Print

Not only did I get a great piece of art, I also got one that matches my decor!!
Thank you Ruth Wels! Now If I could only find out who got my print…

To see more of Ruth Wels’ work, please visit her sites.

Check out all the different projects the Art House Co-op has going on here.


Zazzle Product Review

Mother's Day Photo Collage Gifts

I had the opportunity to check out the quality of some of the products Zazzle has to offer and I’m happy to report that there were no complaints. The colors were acurate, the printing quality was great and the products came with a few 20% off coupons that can be applied towards future zazzle purchases.

I will be reviewing the following Zazzle Items:

Note Card

Travel/Commuter Mug

Budget Tote Bag




4″ x 5.6″ Note Card

Note Card

The thickness of the paper is pretty nice. It has a high gloss finish and the colors are vibrant. It came in a fitted plastic sleeve with a cardboard insert to prevent any damage to the card. The inside of the card is matte so you can write on it with any type of pen.

Travel/Commuter Mug

Travel Mug

Budget Tote Bag and Mousepad

Budget Tote Bag and Mousepad

The Budget Tote bag is my favorite Zazzle product so far. They are available with different color handles and are the perfect alternative to the “very bad for the environment” plastic bag. The colors printed a little lighter than the original design but not by much. The size is 15.75″h x 15.25″w so it can fit anything you can put in your typical grocery bag. It’s 100% cotton and the handles are double stitched so it’s strong.

The printing on this mousepad is perfect. The non-slip back and sides of the pad are black. This is a very casual and affordable gift for any occasion. Everybody needs a mousepad, right?

Small Stickers: 1.5″ x 1.5″ (20 per sheet)

Small Stickers

These are the small sized (1.5 inches x 1.5 inches) stickers. They have a high-gloss finish and come 20 stickers to a sheet. The stickers are also available in Large (3 inches x 3 inches) which come 6 stickers to a sheet. They are packaged between a cardboard folder and a thick corrugated cardboard insert so the chances of getting folds and creases are super low. These are perfect for envelopes, binders, lunch boxes and pretty much anything with a smooth surface.
The next reviews will be of the Messenger Bag, Ceramic Mugs and Keychain. I hope you found this useful. I have to say that I’m really happy with these products and even more happy that my customer loved them. I hope these gifts make the recipients’ Mother’s Day just a little more sweet.

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