Paris Morning Rooftops

Paris Morning Rooftops

This is a new addition to my Etsy and Redbubble Shop.

Paris Morning Rooftops Photo Print
Paris Morning Rooftops Hanging Wall Tapestry
Paris Morning Rooftops Shower Curtain
Paris Morning Rooftops Duvet
Paris Morning Rooftops Throw Pillow
Paris Morning Rooftops Throw Pillow
Paris Morning Rooftops-Redbubble-Antepara
Paris Morning Rooftops Phone Cases
Paris Morning Rooftops Tote Bag


Throw Pillow Art by Paula Belle

A couple of years ago I had the great fortune to come across an amazing artist from Romania, Paula Belle. Once you see her work, it will be no surprise to you that she’s a favorite amongst a lot of contemporary artist. Her imagination seriously has no limit! Her unique and beautiful creations transport you to a world of magic, flying dolphins and interstellar wonder. I’m lucky enough to have a few of her pieces in my home and now that her work is featured on home decor, there was nothing left to do but to buy more of her work! Here are 2 Printed Throw Pillows from her collection I recently purchased.

Art by Paula Belle
Art Throw Pillows by Paula Belle
It's a Musical Universe by BelleFlores
“It’s a Musical Universe” Throw Pillow by Paula Flores
It's a Musical Universe by BelleFlores
“It’s a Musical Universe” Throw Pillow Close Up by Paula Flores
Imagine - Second Date Throw Pillow by Paula Flores
“Imagine – Second Date” Throw Pillow by Paula Flores
Imagine - Second Date by BelleFlores
“Imagine – Second Date” Throw Pillow Close Up by Paula Flores
Imagine - Second Date by BelleFlores
“Imagine – Second Date” Throw Pillow by Paula Flores
Hidden Zippers
Hidden Zippers

If you want to see her entire collection, which you should, click this link to be transported to the magical and dreamy world of Paula Belle!



Uncommon iPad Cases

Uncommon iPad Cases

Uncommon iPad Cases featuring Paintings, Photography and Digital Art by Janet Antepara

Display unique works of art by artist Janet Antepara everywhere you go with these beautiful printed iPad cases by Uncommon. Purchase your favorite works of art through my Redbubble Shop without spending hundreds on the original works! I personally frame and place the artwork on each device to insure the best way to show off each piece.


To bring you the world’s finest iWotsit protection I’ve hooked up with consummate case professionals Uncommon. They’re an industry leader in making superbly high quality and durable iPad cases. They invented a revolutionary and top secret printing process called TATT™, which embeds the design into the case – so no fading or peeling, ever. It all sounds a bit space age really, which we quite like.

  • Printed in the USA
  • Long life, super-bright colors embedded directly into the case
  • Extremely durable, shatterproof casing
  • Allows access to all device features; Charges while in case, but not dockable.
  • Special keyhole ring keeps photos completely unobstructed
  • Fully compatible with Apple Smart Cover
  • The deflector is a single piece clip-on case
  • Purchases are handled by to ensure a safe and secure transaction
  • I accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discovery through so every purchase is secure and safe.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Which iPad Do I Have?

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Digital Art

Funky Bloom

Every Month I feature a design online. Funky Bloom is my design for April.

Funky Bloom by Janet Antepara
“Funky Bloom” by Janet Antepara. Design of the Month for March 2013.


Below are a few products that are available. Click on the images to view all of the details.


ic,x350,iphone5_deflector         ic,x350,ipod4_capsule         ic,x350,ipad3_deflector